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Famous DC Comics characters like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League of America are some of the most popular collectibles in the DC universe. But, it certainly doesn’t end there.

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Because, it’s a “Universe”, remember? That means there are seemingly endless books and characters of interest to us and other collectors. Whether you’re stumbled on a treasure trove of comic books, or have been collecting for a lifetime and are ready to pass on your remarkable items – we’re eager to hear from you.

Do you have:

  • Catwoman, Darkseid, Detective comics, The Flash (Golden or Silver Age), and the Green Arrow (Golden or Silver Age)?
  • Harley Quinn, House of Secrets/House of Mystery, The Joker Legion of Superheroes, Martian Manhunter, The Penguin, or The Scarecrow?
  • Shazam (Capt. Marvel), Showcase Comics, Suicide Squad, SuperGirl, Swamp Thing, or Teen Titans?
  • Action Comics, Detective Comics, Adventure Comics, All-American Comics, All-Star Comics, Aquaman, or The Atom?

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Or whatever you’re stumbled upon, we’re happy to take a look, hear your story, and give you a knowledgeable assessment of your collection’s worth.

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