Ephemera is typically written or paper collectible memorabilia, that was originally intended for only short term use. Ephemera might include theater programs or tickets, postcards, show posters, sports tickets, banners, advertising, or even newsprint.

Get Your Collection Appraised

Do you have ephemera that you’ve inherited, found in a scrapbook, or discovered in your attic or basement? Have you been collecting certain pieces of ephemera for years or even decades?

Do you have:

Tickets, ticket stubs, or posters?

Programs or advertising materials?

Postcards, letters, stamps?

Playing cards or trading cards?

Whether you have a large amount of ephemera

You’ve collected over the years, or you have just one item you think may be valuable – you’re in the right place. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts, take a look at your ephemera, discover the story behind it, and give you an accurate assessment of its value.

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