Do you have entertainment collectibles? Have you recently cleared out your attic and discovered a treasure trove of old movie posters? Or, have you been an entertainment collector for years, and just getting ready to pass your collection along?

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Entertainment collectibles are any ephemera, memorabilia, propaganda, autographs, or other items related to the entertainment industry – from disney collectibles to movie posters, Oscars paraphernalia to vintage records.

Do you have:

Movie collectibles like posters, autographs, set pieces, costumes, or other items?

Theater collectibles like programs, show posters, autographs, or other pieces?

Music collectibles like vintage albums, signed copies, or limited edition recordings?

Entertainment collectibles represent a very special element

Of the world of collectibles. These pieces tell a specific story – whether of a great actor, an groundbreaking film, or a significant era of theatrical history.

Whatever entertainment collectibles you might have, we urge you to get in touch for an accurate assessment. We’re excited to hear from you, and to discover the story behind your entertainment collection.

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