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Do you have comic books or comic art from brands other than Marvel and DC? Do you have obscure, rare, or international comics? Or, have you stumbled on a treasure trove of very old or discontinued comic book brands?

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Here at Collectibles Investment Group, your discovery or collection is important to us. We love assessing rare, unusual, or international comics that shed light on little-seen or little-known areas of the industry.

Do you have:

Comics from brands outside of the Marvel or DC universes?

Work from rare, unusual, or little-known comic publishing companies?

International comics like Manga, or comics from other countries around the globe?

There are literally thousands of comic book publishing companies

around the globe. Whether you have comic books or art from Dark Horse or Centaur Publications, Arrow Comics, or Eclipse Comics – we’re eager to hear from you, and provide you an accurate and educated estimate on your items.

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