Do you have limited edition, rare, or unique toys you think could be collectibles? Do you have action figures, comic book toys, wrestling figures, dolls, barbies, legos, or other items? Are you wondering where to sell these collectible toys?

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At Collectibles Investment Group, we buys modern, limited edition, rare, or unique toys of all kinds, and throughout any period in history.

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Rare, unique, or limited edition toys?

Vintage or antique toys?

Old tin toys or early board games prior to 1920?

Mickey Mouse and Disney items prior to 1940?

Toys from a specific entertainment genre, movie, or TV series?

Whether you have a limited edition or a very early toy

A rare board game or a disney figurine – we’re excited to hear from you, find out more about your story, and assess your collectibles.

Remember, at Collectibles Investment Group, we give you the very best value for your collectible toys. Finally, you’ve found the buyers you can trust.

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