Historically Significant Memorabilia

Do you have rare or historically significant memorabilia? Do you have advertising items from the 19th and early 20th century; early photography; newspapers from the 1600s; posters and broadsides; American Indian Art; Civil War material like uniforms or flags; or any other historical items?

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At Collectibles Investment Group, we bring you knowledgeable team members with years of experience assessing historically significant memorabilia from almost any era in history. Whether you’re a veteran collector, or you simply stumbled upon a treasure trove of historical items in the attic – you’re in the right place.

Do you have:

Old newspapers from the 1600s through Lincoln’s assassination

Quality political campaign items prior to LBJ

Rare and early books and manuscripts

Air and Space collectibles

Early suffrage material

American Indian art and artifacts like beads, pottery, and textiles

Civil War collectibles like uniforms, flags, and other items

Colonial and early ephemera and autographs

Tin toys and early board games

Other early items you think may be rare or of value

If any of these sound familiar

You’ve come to the right place. Historic memorabilia almost always has a unique and fascinating story to tell – whether it’s something you found by accident or a collectors item passed down through the generations.

Give us a call, and the Collectibles Investment team will be eager to assess your items and give you an accurate estimate on their value.

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