I’m not sure if you might remember me but you purchased a lot of prewar HOFer cards from me over a year ago.

I used the money to give to my wife last year for her 40th birthday. She used the money for the two of us to go on a second honeymoon in Cape Cod this past June. We had an amazing time.

The real reason I’m writing this is to let you know some of the flip side of your business. Because you gave me a fair price I was able to let my wife enjoy something we couldn’t afford otherwise.

Because of you and the way you choose to operate your business lifetime memories for my wife and myself were able to be made.

Thank you

Drew E

Sean was great to work with. Super cool & paid in cash. Will refer others.

Chris Simpson

I first contacted Collectibles Investment Group via email to sell my collection of Marvel Comics. After a brief phone conversation with Sean, he gave me some shipping information. I shipped the cards and one week later I had a check for the full amount we discussed. This was a wonderful experience A++!

James F

I noticed a message board post in my area from a man looking to sell his inherited collection quick and easy, so I recommended Collectibles Investment Group as an option. Sean and company impressed the seller with their thoroughness in explaining the process, paid for the shipping to the company, and then made a fair offer for the collection.

I was pleased that the deal went through for both Collectibles Investment Group and the seller! I will recommend Sean to others looking to sell off or reduce their collections.

John Rafferty

Thanks for a great experience!

Sam Eldridge

Tony was friendly and prompt. Even better, he paid right away – with cash! Wow!

Billy S

After we sold our collection to Sean, we used the money to visit our daughter who is living across the country. It was a really meaningful experience, and it’s thanks to Sean paying a fair rate that we were able to take the trip.

Thanks for your honesty and expertise!

Leonard & Susan Johnson

A close friend was looking to sell his collection, and I referred him to Sean here at Collectibles Investment Group. He just contacted me saying what a great experience it was. I really appreciate the help Sean gave to him – as it was very important he got a good price for his collection.

Ellie Bernstein

As a professional collectibles dealer, it’s very important to me that I build long-term relationships with experts that I can trust. I hold Sean in the very highest esteem. He is a true professional with a long track record of happy sellers. I will continue to work with Sean as long as he is in the business!

Dylan B

I just finished a large, expensive Mickey Mantle trade with Sean and I couldn’t be happier. He was professional, honest and a great communicator. Although I was leary to do such a deal over the phone with someone I had never met, Sean allayed my fears, made me comfortable and most importantly followed through on his word! I Would not hesitate to deal with Sean again! Recommended!

Craig Radford, B.C., Canada

The best transaction I have ever had in my 25 years buying and selling comics. Sean is knowledgeable, honest and very fair. I will be doing business with him in the near future. If you have comics for sale, this is the guy to go to. He also deals with many other collectibles. Check out his website. Again, OUTSTANDING TO DEAL WITH. A PLUS ALL THE WAY!

Louis Ponsiglione

Sean was great, iv been in sales 20 years now great customer service is hard to find but Sean made it happen. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family. 5 Star service all the way. Thanks again Sean!!

Jarrod Sweat

As professional and knowledgeable as they come. Sean has proven to be an invaluable source of expert advice on numerous occasions and has assisted me in several large acquisitions and sales. I could not recommend him highly enough and will continue to seek out his assistance as long as he is involved in the hobby. As trusted a resource as you can find.

Greg Cirulnick

Outstanding transaction with Sean–I sent him 2 large boxes of everything from comic books to press photos to sports cards. Vintage to modern and everything in between. Fair offer and paid same day. Even paid for shipping. Highest recommendation.

Noel Wyre

Sean was very helpful and the transaction was easy. Shipping went smoothly and payment was immediate. Recommended!

Michael Doty

Great experience with Sean and CIG. I had my collection priced by several buyers and got the best price from Collectibles Investment Group. Had money in hand within 2 days!

Darryl White

Got the best offer yet, and i’ve been shopping around for well over 6 months!

Rod Weisman

Very honest and easy to deal with!

Greg Morris

Had a very good experience with CIG and will most likely be back for more. Thank you so much

JD Correa

I have worked with Sean Bassik for over 5 years. Sean has been instrumental in helping me and our law firm’s clients identify, purchase, and resell collectibles. Not only is Sean straightforward and honest, but he is a wealth of knowledge. No one knows the industry better. I highly recommend Sean.

Robert Reder

they are very easy to work with fast courteous and I do recommend them. They are willing to work with you

Amy Logan

Everything went great! I was given all the information I wanted to assure I was receiving a fair price, had very fast response to all of my questions, and was paid in under 24 hours!

Josh Costas

Excellent communication, I sold a good chunk of slabs and was paid the moment the books were received, highly recommended!!

Dennis Gitlin

Got a very fair appraisal!

Steve LaDue