Magic: The Gathering debuted in 1993 and has been a mainstay in the gaming community ever since. Their collection of regular sets as well as rare and valuable cards keep players engaged, and the more sought-after cards have been known to go for a pretty penny. If you have one of these Magic: The Gathering cards for sale, get ready to see a boost in your bank account!


Mishra’s Workshop


Mishra’s Workshop is one of the best Magic: The Gathering cards if your play style depends on artifacts’ usefulness. This card will give you extra mana automatically, but the catch is that it can only be used in playing artifacts. If you have this card in your collection, you can expect to fetch a good price for it depending on its condition. Mishra’s Workshop has been known to garner anywhere from $600 to $1,500.


Mox Pearl


Mox Pearl is a card that beginners tend to underestimate. Truly, all this card does is provide a bit of extra mana. But veteran players will know Mox Pearl becomes a useful secret weapon. You can employ this card at any time to gain extra mana, even if it’s your opponent’s turn. It doesn’t cost a thing but may be just the boost you need to cast a spell to protect yourself. Mox Pearl tends to sell for around $1,500.


Time Walk


Magic: The Gathering cards that have been banned tend to be the most valuable, and that’s exactly the case with Time Walk. This card was one of the originals in the game and allowed players to take an extra turn for just a couple mana. There were several cases where players won battles thanks to this card before their opponent even got a chance to lay their first card. Today, Time Walk fetches around $3,000 and is a staple in any serious collector’s arsenal.


Mox Sapphire


This card is a key part of a player’s blue deck, and when used correctly, it can be devastating to your opponent’s game. Mox Sapphire gives you more blue mana every time it is used. This card is particularly valuable because it’s part of the Power Nine. The Power Nine is made of Artifacts and blue cards, which are both advantageous on their own. Mox Sapphire combines the best of both types of cards, causing it to go for around $6,000 today.


Black Lotus


Long-time players will not surprised to hear that Black Lotus is the most valuable Magic: The Gathering card. Black Lotus is a single-use Artifact that gives a player three mana of any color, giving an edge right from the start of the game. This card is banned in most formats, making it that much more valuable. In the right condition, a Black Lotus might be able to buy you a house! It’s not strange for a Limited Edition Alpha Black Lotus to sell for as low as $150,000 or as high as $250,000.


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