Sports memorabilia is similar to other antique and collectible items. It carries great significance, marking the best sports events and players. Nearly everyone enjoys some sports, and like that, many people love collecting sports collectibles, be it cards, baseball bats, jerseys, cards, etc.

Sports Memorabilia – Famous Collectors and Collections

Do you collect sports memorabilia? You may have wondered whether they are worth it or not. Of course, going on the internet, you will find a ton of information. But did you know that there is an entire market for sports memorabilia? For some items, buyers are willing to pay millions of dollars!

Not knowing what your sports memorabilia are worth might be incurring losses up until now. Here, we will discuss some of the world-famous sport memorabilia collections and their worth.

Soccer Memorabilia – Pele’s whopping $4.8 Million Collection

Pele is one of the greatest football players in the world. His popularity is all because of his level of experience, skill, etc. While many people love soccer, the collections that make up the soccer memorabilia are truly amazing. Similarly, Pele decided to auction his entire soccer sports collection (one of the largest soccer memorabilia collections in the world) that was worth nearly $4.8 million or more.

Comprising Pele’s trophies, medals, personal belongings, it was one of the most expensive sports memorabilia and soccer collection in the world. Not to mention, it was the collection from the golden era of the sport.

Baseball Cards – Ken Kendrick’s $2.8 Million Collection

As a child, Ken Kendrick had a habit of collecting baseball cards. However, his purchase of the Honus Wagner baseball card in 2007 was a surprising $2.8 million. The collector put a “cherry on top” on his entire baseball cards collection by purchasing the popular and valuable baseball card.

Since he is

friends with some of the world’s best Hall of Famers in baseball, Kendrick has many cards in his collection.

Bill Mastro – Multi-Million Dollar Collection

If you are a sports memorabilia fanatic, Bill Mastro is a name you may be familiar with already. In case you aren’t, he is one of the biggest sports memorabilia collectors in the world. Moreover, people regard him as the pioneer of the collecting industry.

From Babe Ruth-signed items to Yankee’s merchandise, Bill Mastro owned a wide and famous sports collection. Sources don’t have a clear estimate but are sure that his sports memorabilia is worth millions of dollars.


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