Coin collection is fun and can be equally rewarding. There are hundreds of thousands of coins that are still missing and make for some of the rarest and antique coin collections worldwide.

You might never know that the coin that your grandpa passed down to your family might be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Perhaps, the old family chest passed down to your family may have old yet precious coins! From silver to gold to copper coins, valuable collections offer the most rewards in today’s collectibles markets.

Therefore, collecting rare, antique, and expensive coins is a great hobby, especially because it usually connects with history. So, do you want to learn how much your coin collectibles are worth?

What is Coin Collection?

It is exactly what the term suggests. Those who don’t receive valuable coin collections as family heirlooms or treasure have to become coin hunters to get great returns. Collecting coins isn’t as easy as it sounds. Before you find one, check it, keep it, or sell/trade it, you should know how and which ones carry the most value.

Bear in mind that the coin collectibles we are talking about are not the coins we use in our daily trading. Coins making up the rarities collections around the world usually have some historical significance. These coins could include or have features like:

  • Historically-important coins
  • Foreign Coins
  • Collectible Sets
  • Valuable-material coins (silver, gold, etc.)
  • Misprints

These are the niche of the valuables and rarities markets around the world. People spend their lives completing rare coin collections. While some may not realize the actual value of an antique or a rare coin, finding the right collectibles dealer can help you gain the reward.

Why Do Coins have Collector Value?

Before you look at the kind of coin collections that actually have the highest rewards in the collectibles market, let’s take a look at what makes these coins so valuable and expensive. The value of most coins depends on their rarity. Some of the coins were minted on special occasions (usually old), while others are more valuable due to their historical significance. Similarly, rare coins are of value because they may comprise precious and unique metals in their composition. For example, gold and silver coins of the past carry significant value.

What’s more, a precious material-made coin may also have historical significance. Hence, increasing its value further in the rarities markets.

Coin Collections- Some of the Rarest and Expensive Coins

  • 1794 Silver Dollar

Considered the first-ever silver dollar by the US Mint, it is one of the highest value rare coins in the world. Recently, in 2013, the coin sold for nearly $10 million at an auction. The 1794 Silver Dollar showing the statue of liberty with flowing hair is so rare that the experts believe there are only 120 to 130 coins left.

  • 723 A.D Gold Dinar

Gold dinars were a common currency in older centuries, especially in the late Arab dynasties and caliphates before that. The 723 AD Gold Dinar of the Umayyad caliphate got sold for over $6 million at an auction in 2011. This shows the rarity of the material and the significant historical appreciation.

Kansas State Quarter

A US Mint error resulted in printing “In God We Rust” in Kansas State quarters during 2005. The error was a consequence of excessive grease build-up around and in the coin die. Regardless, this mistake gained importance in history and presents value to collectors. Therefore, it may sell for as close as $100!

So, are you ready to sell your silver coins? Contact the right collectible dealer today who deals with silver coins and copper, gold, vintage toys, video games, etc.


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