Marvel comics might not have the same entertainment hype today, and that’s because of the larger cinematic world. However, nobody can deny the impeccable value of the Marvel Universe’s collectibles. Hence, you will surely get surprised if you didn’t know how much some of the old collections are worth. Do you think you have some superhero issues in your collection? Well, find the right online dealer and see your fortune become a reality in a single collection sale!

Here we will discuss how and why you can sell your old Marvel comics.

How to Sell Your Old Marvel Comics?

Firstly, you should know that from the massive range of collections and superhero issue comics from Marvel, some are extremely rare. These are the first issues of the most legendary on-screen and on-book characters that made it into the fictional world. Therefore, you can earn from a few hundred bucks to a million dollars with Marvel comics.

Here are the right tips and tricks to consider.

Keep Them Bagged

Yes, it is true. If your collection or comic has poor quality, you won’t be able to receive the right quote or price for it. That can affect their price since the rarest valuables are prone to depreciation based on quality and condition.

Find the Right Dealer

Spend your time exploring the internet, local stores, and peers regarding collection details. You might learn how to check for certificates and the authenticity of online dealers. Moreover, you can learn all the red flags and details of faking spot collectibles dealers to keep your collection safe.

Learn the Condition and Quality Grade

Pay attention to the value and condition of your collection. If in mint condition or high-grade quality, you will receive the accurate worth of the Marvel issue. However, the poor condition can lower its value.

Steps to Follow:

  • Inquire the quality of your collection
  • Find local collectibles and Marvel dealers or check online
  • Get an estimate
  • Avoid dealing face to face or sending the Marvel comics for inspection
  • Once you receive the quotes/estimates, bargain for the price if you wish
  • Finally, deal in a safe environment, whether a local dealer or online


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