Who doesn’t love reading comics? Even if you don’t like reading, you may be into watching famous and popular fictional movies. However, did you know that while the era of fiction and superhero has transformed drastically, some old things still carry the same level of sentiment and a much greater value today?

What are those things? If you have old DC comics from your childhood or family, this can be an excellent opportunity for you to learn the real value of every one of them. DC comics are not just fiction memorabilia but childhood memories about the franchise’s greatest heroes and characters.

Old DC Comics worth a Fortune Today

DC comics carry a similar significance to that of Marvel comics. As both are competing franchises, it is best to say that there are people who admire both. While that is true, some DC comics mark the introduction of heroes, characters, and major events. Therefore, in today’s collector’s world, they are worth more than they did before. Here are some of the famous DC comic issues.

Issue #27 Detective Comics

Everyone knows the status of some of the most popular DC characters, including Superman. Following the year when Superman made his first entry in the DC comics, Batman’s introduction came with Detective Comics Issue #27. While there aren’t many copies of the original comics available, sources believe that they were around 200 in number.

Being rare and highly desirable among fiction lovers, especially DC fans, the Detective Comics Issue #27 is worth around $2 million.

All Star Comic Issue #8

All Star Comic Issue #8 introduced Wonder Woman to fiction lovers. A memorable character of the DC world, the strong and brave female, made her first appearance. Interestingly, collectors saw immense value in the comics at that time.

This rare issue is worth over $900,000 today! Further, it is challenging to find this rare item in excellent condition in today’s memorabilia and collectibles market.

Issue #1 Flash Comics

Many people would recall hearing about the “Flash.” Did you know that the Flash made its first appearance in 1940 in the first issue of the “Flash Comics?” Today, this item of fiction memorabilia is worth nearly $450,000. Moreover, it’s unlikely to come across a version in excellent condition.


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