There’s a whole range of baseball cards out there that are worth thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars. Since Honus Wagner’s SGC 3 sports card was one of the top-value sports cards to ever sell in history, you should look for other rare and high-value sports cards that can bring you a fortune. However, selling sports cards isn’t that easy because there needs to be a proper grading system in place at all times. For instance, there is a straightforward way and rule of checking the quality of sports cards. That’s what we will discuss in this post to help you.

How Do Collectibles Dealers Grade Baseball Cards?

Whether you have been keeping sports cards since childhood or just started out your hobby, there’s a sea of concerns surrounding their preservation and quality maintenance. After all, when the quality of your sports cards’ reduces, so does their value. Here’s what matters to the collectibles dealers when they are grading baseball cards.

  • Condition of the Card’s Surface

Baseball cards or any other sort of sports cards grading is necessary. This ensures its authenticity and value before letting it reach the hands of the buyer for potential purchase. The surface of the card holds the greatest value as subtle changes or damages to the picture or the quality of the surface can reduce its value. If there are creases, stains, or scratches, then the dealer may grade your baseball card for a lower quality. In turn, you may get a lower price value than the higher, currently running price in the market.

Furthermore, if the color, print, and paper experience any damage such as fading, loss, or mixing, then the quality grade for your sports cards will reduce further.

  • Card’s Edges and Corners

Besides the card’s surface, the edges and corners play an important role in determining the quality. If your card is shiny but features broken or worn-out edges, then it will receive a lower quality grade. The appearance of edges and corners might appear fine to your naked eye, but under the magnifying glasses of an expert quality grader, there may be reasonable differences.

In any case, if the edges and corners are fuzzy, frayed, or worn-out, expert dealers will grade the cards for a lower quality.

  • Image Centering on the Card

Don’t forget the image centering of the card. If the print, logo, or the entire picture appears out of proportion, then the expert dealer will give your baseball cards a low quality grade. That’s how professional companies grade sports cards to ensure they receive the value deserved for each of the cards.


Do you understand the considerations that collectibles dealers have to make when trying to grade sports cards, especially baseball cards? While there isn’t a guarantee for your sports cards to have a high-value, preserving their quality can ensure proper resale and higher returns. Collectibles Investment Group has helped thousands of online collectibles sellers and buyers.

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