Comic book enthusiasts have been around for decades, and with the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the hobby has just become more popular. Luckily for those who’ve been collecting for a while, comic books have also become quite lucrative. If you’re looking to sell comic books, you need to determine how valuable your collection is and where you should look to sell. Here’s everything you should know about how to sell comic books.


Organize Your Collection


You may have your comics organized haphazardly or just sitting in a box at the back of your closet, but if you’re looking to sell comic books, it will be much easier once they’re organized. You can organize your comics in any number of ways. The easiest way is to simply put them in alphabetical order by title and then sort them by number. If you have newer or less valuable comics, it might be advantageous to group them by arc. That way, a buyer will be sure they’re getting the entire story.


Consider the Value


Once you’ve got your collection organized, it will be easier to determine the value. If you’re trying to sell old comic books, grade is crucial. The grade is the condition of your book, which can range anywhere from Mint Condition to Poor Condition. There are other factors to consider when looking to determine value, like the rarity and appeal of the comic books.


Individually or All at Once?


You might ask yourself, “Should I sell my comic books one by one or as a whole collection?” In short, if you have a lot of incredibly valuable books, you’re likely better off selling them one by one. It’s more time-consuming but could yield a much higher profit than selling them as a group. However, if your collection is large but has many comics of little value, you should consider selling then as a whole. You could also sell in small chunks to get the best of both worlds.


Where Can I Sell My Comic Books?


There are tons of options for selling comic books, but likely the first that comes to mind is your local comic book store. The big caveat here is that you’re selling to a business. They have to make a profit on whatever they purchase from you, so you’re not going to make top dollar on anything you sell.


Another good option is an auction house. You’re likely to be selling to collectors who will be willing to pay more. This is a good bet if you have more valuable books. The auction house itself still has to pay for promotion, advertising, and paying staff, so if your books aren’t worth much in the first place, it may become more trouble than it’s worth.


Finally, you can turn to the internet. eBay has long been a popular place to sell comic books online, as you maintain control over your collection and how and when you sell your books. However, it still might not be the best way to get the right amount for your books, as bidders want the lowest price instead of paying what a comic is actually worth.


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