If you have acquired a large collection of old comic books, it may be worth putting them up for auction or selling them for a flat fee. Old comic books are worth a surprising amount of money if you learn how to value them and sell them properly. In fact, the highest price ever paid for an old comic book was $3.2 million! This guide will help you learn how to sell comic books so that you can make a real profit.


How to Check the Value of Your Old Comics


If you’re about to start pricing your old comic books, you will quickly discover that the task isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. The book’s value will depend on its condition, its popularity, its rarity, and whether it is the first appearance of a popular character. For instance, the highest priced comic book was a copy of Action Comics 1, which was CGC-graded 9.0 and featured the very first appearance of Spider-Man.


Here are a few things to look out for when you’re determining the comic book’s value.


Start by grading your comic book, or, in other words, determining its condition. Note whether it is torn, ripped, creased, or faded.


Next, check a comic book price guide. These guides list comic books by name and will give you a rough estimate of the value based on the grade of the book. Remember, these guides are just the starting point. It’s best practice to do some research online to find out how other sellers are pricing the same comic.


Where to Sell Comic Books In Person


While many people opt to sell their comic book collections online, you may find luck selling the books to a local store. Your best bet will be to try a local comic book store or a pawn shop. However, it’s important to remember that the people behind the desk are probably not experts at pricing comic books. If you are attempting to sell your books in-person, be sure to come with a good idea of the value of your collection and proof to back it up.


Where to Sell Comics Books Online


In this day and age, it’s much easier, and usually more profitable, to sell your comic books online. Online, you’ll have access to a much wider audience of people who are actually looking to purchase what you have to sell. While you can try selling your comic books on general websites like Craigslist or eBay, many serious buyers will prefer to purchase from specialist traders.


Using an online auction website can be a wonderful way to make a profit on your comic books. If you’re lucky, interested buyers will engage in a bidding war and will drive the price of your comic book up. However, creating listings for all of your books, pricing them all, and arranging shipment is incredibly time-consuming and difficult. That is where we come in!


Use Collectibles Investment for an Easy, Profitable Experience


Using a professional service like Collectibles Investment Group can make your selling process infinitely easier. We provide a simple and quick service so that you can sell all of your old comic books in one go and get the cash quickly. By choosing Collectibles Investment, you are guaranteed to get an excellent profit for your collectibles, without any of the hassle.


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