Non-sports cards are trading cards that feature a wide variety of detail, information, industries, and more. Handy cards that portray a significant pop culture reference or pop star are an amazing example of non-sport trading cards. You may be familiar with the Pokémon trading cards game. You might have even come across some or most of them in your childhood.

Surely, there is an extensive range of non-sports cards out there that doesn’t seem to end when you go exploring. However, the main consideration is that some of them are highly expensive due to cultural significance, popularity, and rarity. Here’s a list of non-sports cards that barely made it into the market and contributed to the formation of bizarre collections, yet they are expensive in the market.

Strangest Non-Sports Cards


Do you know that the James Cameron movie from 1997 had its own set of trading cards collection? Isn’t it mind-blowing? It sounds about right knowing the popularity and the significance of the movie. Still, the trading cards had nothing to do with the movie but rather the actual ocean liner and the crew aboard. Therefore, due to its importance, the trading card sets were a massive cash-out opportunity for those owning them.

Coca Cola Card Collection

The impression and appearance of Santa Claus that we have today are due to the efforts of the Coca-Cola Company back in the 1920-30s. Of course, the Santa Clause impressions back then were different, but the cola drink advertisements changed it. Moreover, advertisements were not a popular concept. Hence, it was the trading card collection of the same adverts that were all the hype.

The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project was a 1999 movie that is still very popular among fans of horror movies. Some people even thought it was a “true story” after watching this film. However, when a 72-piece trading card set made it to the market, it created the hype for the movie. The cards depicted a creepy, arty, and haunting appearance. Still, fans felt a high connection with the then-popular The Blair Witch Project card collection.


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