Do you have some of those old 90s, 80s, or perhaps, 70s toys and video games that fall in the category of vintage memorabilia? Use them to make huge profits and in-hand cash by selling them to a reputable and honest dealer of vintage collectibles.

You can make million dollars on a single collection of vintage toys and video games collections! So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the vintage collectibles below that may be the ones hiding in your old storeroom, waiting for you to cash them out.

Top Most Valuable Vintage and Other Collectibles

Action Figures

Action figures are a broad category that involves real and fictional characters from many different industries. They may be from wrestling, movies, TV series, or some of the all-time favorite comic cartoons. Hand-painted vintage figures are the most sought-after in the antiquities market.

You can make unimaginable profits by selling rare and popular action figures that you didn’t think of before. Some action figures make for the discontinued or once most popular franchises in the world like WWE, Star Wars, etc.

One of the most expensive action figures ever sold includes a G.I Joe model of 1963. In a private sale during 2003, it came to the selling price of nearly $200,000! That’s not it. In fact, in recent years, the 1960s models of Wonder Woman and Supergirl action figures have reached values over thousands of dollars.

Collectibles of Star Wars Series

Star Wars is an ultimate all-time favorite franchise that carries worldwide fame. Of course, who can forget “The Wrath of Khan?” Star Wars branded items are the hottest items on the market today, and the rare collections contribute to high values.

Star Wars collections have a long list of fictional characters and their action figures that are popular among all Star Wars fans. Did you know that a mint condition nest egg from the Star Wars collection could be worth more than a million dollars today?

Do check the price guides available online and in local dealerships to ensure that you are getting the right price for your vintage collectibles at any shop or dealership. You should know that one of the die-hard fans of Star Wars received compensation of over half a million dollars for his 600-item Star Wars collection. Further, a typical good-quality Anakin Skywalker figurine could be worth as much as $3,000!

Video Games Collectibles

While it isn’t common practice to reissue classic games digitally, collectors worldwide are always in pursuit of original vintage video games. So, if you own a Nintendo’s “Castlevania,” you should consider checking out the price online according to its quality.

You may get surprised to learn that a Nintendo Classic “Castlevania” can be worth thousands of dollars in the rarities and vintage collectibles market. Who knows, maybe you can win a jackpot from old toys and video games?


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